Independent clinical archive will keep medical data safe

Medical images of England cricket players taken abroad can be shared with team doctors in the UK.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has signed a deal with BridgeHead Software to provide its independent clinical archive HealthStore to manage the storage, protection and sharing of players’ medical images.  Clinicians will be able to determine the best course of action in the event of an injury, ensuring players are at optimum fitness and back on the pitch as soon as possible.

HealthStore will provide the ECB with a central standards-based intelligent repository, initially for radiology images, but extending to all of the players’ medical images in the future.  The independent clinical archive enables medical data to be easily shared with different groups of specialist clinicians and team doctors that have permission to view it.  This means that, in future, a player’s MRI scan taken following an injury during an overseas tour could be examined by on-site clinicians, uploaded into HealthStore, then reviewed in collaboration with the UK team doctors at home to determine the best treatment plan.

See the full report on page 3 of the July 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.

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