Installation engineer gives a glimpse behind the scenes at Future Medical

Future Medical has been looking behind the scenes at its skilled team of experts to find out more about those who specialise in the deinstallation, installation, procurement and transportation of diagnostic imaging equipment.

Working in the equipment installations team is lead installation engineer Martin Hayden, who joined Future Medical from a military background working as a weapon systems engineer. Being able to transfer his engineering skills to the medical sector was always an interest of his.

Hayden is responsible for the installation of x-ray systems nationally, including coordination of the tools and equipment required as well as associated documentation. He explained: “I have to be extremely methodical and systematic in my role, from beginning to end. I have been able to transfer the skills involved in my previous position using engineering systems to create and guarantee the safety and performance of our imaging equipment.

“I oversee all aspects of uncrating goods along with inventory checklists, and prestaging specifications for transfer and delivery of stock. This includes the inspection of x-rays and connecting new cables, arranging and fitting Bucky stands and precision loading and unloading of imaging equipment.”

He continued: “I am also involved in the organisation and administration of MRI patient monitor and infusion pump installations. I similarly enjoy providing customer support and ordering consumables for our clients. Working throughout the pandemic, providing medical equipment and assisting hospitals across the country that are under considerable pressure, has been an honour for myself and all the staff at Future Medical.”

Published on page 4 of the January 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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