Intelerad team to demonstrate award-winning PACS

Intelerad is a provider of medical imaging solutions designed to help streamline the flow of information while simplifying complex processes and maximising efficiencies for medical professionals.

The company will feature its enterprise offerings at UKIO, where the team will be on hand to demonstrate its 2024 KLAS award-winning solution Intelerad InSight PACS, a tailor-made PACS solution that has been adopted by over 250 healthcare providers across the UK and Ireland. The team will also demonstrate the IntelePACS system that is widely utilised by the teleradiology, private market and more.

Intelerad says its robust imaging technology enables confident decision making and improves access to critical health information. “The UK healthcare system is facing an ageing and growing population, evolving healthcare needs and challenges around the costs of healthcare,” the company says. “Many of these factors are leading to the UK experiencing a significant increase in demand for diagnostic imaging. Now, more than ever, clinicians need a cross-enterprise imaging solution that enables them to keep up with the volume of imaging needed whilst simultaneously improving collaboration that aids in delivering higher quality care in less time, at a lower expense.”

“Intelerad partners with some of the world’s largest leading hospital and healthcare systems to deliver innovative technology that drives greater efficiencies and better care.”

Demonstrations of Intelerad’s enterprise offerings will be available on stand B7.

Picture: Intelerad director of sales, UK and Ireland, Liam Neill with president Morris Panner.

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