Making MRI mobile can move scanning into new areas

Mobile MRI technology provides a number of benefits that make it a valuable tool for medical professionals and patients.

Fairford Medical says there are several advantages to integrating mobile scanning into a healthcare service provision. One of the main benefits of mobile MRI technology is that it can be brought to a wider range of locations. “With mobile MRI units, patients can receive the same high quality imaging services regardless of where they are located,” the company says.

Mobile MRI technology can help speed up the diagnostic process by providing faster access to imaging services. Medical professionals can quickly obtain the information they need to make a diagnosis and begin treatment. Additionally, mobiles can be a cost-effective option for healthcare providers since, rather than investing in expensive fixed-location MRI equipment, providers can rent or lease mobile units as needed.

“Fairford Medical is excited to be adding the new Siemens Healthineers Magnetom Viato.Mobile to our fleet from July 2023,” says the company.

The Magnetom Viato.Mobile can meet demanding clinical challenges. It is said to have a powerful platform with superb gradient design that helps users deliver excellence confidently.

Fairford Medical’s new Viato.Mobile trailer will be available to view on mobile stand 2 in partnership with Lamboo Medical and Siemens Healthineers.

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