Mammography chair optimises posture for patients and staff

Radiologikum Stuttgart, Germany, has a Vela Medical mammography chair in its mammography department, and teaching and lead radiologist Miriam Weber reports that it is ideal for patients who cannot stand while being examined due to health issues. She and her colleagues also use the chair in situations where the woman is better able to undergo breast screening while seated.

Weber says it is also a real asset for the radiologist to optimise the patient’s posture. “The examination is much more comfortable for the patient and the radiologist. And the result is optimised image quality, which makes diagnostics more precise for radiologists,” she said.

“The Vela mammography chair ensures quick and reliable patient positioning for the examination thanks to the smooth-running wheels, user-friendly push bar and the motorised height adjustment of the seat. In addition, the foot-operated brake ensures a stable chair during the screening. We can also perform biopsies optimally with the patient seated in the Vela chair, which is a real asset in our day-to-day work.”

With the patient seated, staff can avoid straining their back and shoulders when screening tall patients. The Vela chair’s easy-running wheels make it straightforward to position the patient and stability is quickly restored with a foot brake to lock the wheels. Electric height adjustment controls the patient’s height in front of the device in order to achieve the best working position.

Picture: Staff can avoid straining their back and shoulders when screening tall patients in the Vela mammography chair.

Published on page 14 of the February 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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