medneo mobile imaging is backed by 640-slice CT

Diagnostic imaging company medneo provides quality MRI and CT scans to patients across the country. It has developed a cardiac CT service in collaboration with clinicians from leading central London teaching hospitals utilising the Canon Medical Systems Aquilion One Prism Edition 640-slice system.

Established in August 2019, medneo claims to be the fastest growing mobile MRI and CT service in the UK, with an expanding fleet of new scanners: all MRI scanners are less than four years old and all CT scanners are two years old.

The mobile MRI units are equipped with the latest Siemens Healthineers 1.5T Magnetom Aera 48-channel systems and are staffed by experienced radiographers.

“Unique to the UK mobile arena, the mobile CT service harnesses the power of the 640-slice Canon CT Aquilion,” states medneo. “With a 16cm detector range, it images the entire heart between cardiac cycles in less than half a second.” The system comes with AiCE technology, which is an AI-driven algorithm that reduces artefacts such as flaring due to calcification or stents in the coronary vessels.

The company’s flagship Harley Street centre houses a high specification MRI scanner and it has CQC rating of outstanding.

Visit medneo on stand A32.

Picture: medneo’s fleet of CT and MRI systems is growing.

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