Nanosonics release a new advanced version of the trophon2 software

The new advanced Nanosonics trophon2 upgrade has been developed with customer feedback to improve user experience.

This new version will bring several benefits, a simplified workflow, reducing the number of clicks and screen interactions, a customisable traceability feature allowing users to tailor their organisations policies and finally a wi-fi enabled connectivity will be available outside of the network connection already deployed.

All these improvements will provide even more flexibility to customers, enabling them to easily adapt the settings of the machine to suit their individual needs.

Most important of all, is that trophon2 never comes alone. Clinical expertise and training is part of the overall Nanosonics product offering, helping healthcare sites to look at the full high-level disinfection process and provide advice on how to implement a robust and reliable process, including; how to integrate trophon2, probe compatibility advice, choosing the correct pre-cleaning products, storage methods, and traceability best practices.

This comprehensive support package is offered to every customer and includes, on-site training, industry-led study days, online learning and a range of supportive tools such as the IP toolkit.

Technical and service is also part of the package with a full team of in-house engineers working out in the field and a local spare parts stock as a support team ensures that any queries are answered quickly.

Finally, the trophon’s mist produces only water and oxygen as the environmentally-friendly by-products of the HLD cycle. Aside of the device, Nanosonics also offer a range of additional products including; AuditPro, a digital traceability tool, and a full portfolio of accessories that support best practice reprocessing between each patient.

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