NM at Northampton is refreshed

Staff at Northampton General Hospital with the Symbia T2 TruePoint SPECT/CT from Siemens Healthcare are (from left) consultant radiologist, clinical lead in nuclear medicine Dr Valerie Kay, trainee clinical scientist Caroline Sinclair, senior technologist Dominic Houghton, trainee healthcare scientist Liz Moore Thompson, senior radiographer Tracey Livesey, head of nuclear medicine Sue Wilson, technologist Shaila Patel, regional sales and corporate business manager Graham Walker.  On the couch is Siemens product and applications specialist Anna Wojcieszyn.


Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust has revamped its nuclear medicine department with the installation of a Symbia S SPECT and Symbia T2 TruePoint SPECT/CT hybrid plus a c.cam for nuclear cardiology.


The hybrid Symbia T2 combines a variable angle dual detector SPECT with a 2-slice CT for superior image quality. 


The installation of Siemens’ c.cam means that patients no longer have to travel to another hospital for nuclear cardiology scans.  The unit will be used to assess chest pain to make sure patients are referred for the most appropriate tests.  


“In our department we see a lot of repeat patients due to the type of scans we offer.  It’s been great to see the reaction of our regular visitors and they have noticed a big difference during scans,” said Sue Wilson, head of nuclear medicine at Northampton.


See the full report on page 26 of the March 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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