North Bristol prepares to centralise services with PACS/RIS

Signing the agreement are North Bristol NHS Trust chief executive Marie-Noelle Orzel and Fujifilm general manager Mark van Rossum with trust PACS/RIS manager Sue Miller and consultant radiologist Eric Loveday.

Fujifilm has been awarded a contract to provide RIS, PACS and VNA for North Bristol NHS Trust.  As prime contractors Fujifilm will provide a managed service with strategic partners Healthcare Software Systems and Acuo Technologies, part of Perceptive Software from Lexmark.

Deployment of the new systems is expected by the end of June.  RIS and PACS services will enable two key imaging systems to be replaced and upgraded, while the Acuo VNA will provide business continuity and support the trust’s long term strategy.  Chief executive Marie-Noelle Orzel said: “This IT system is another step that enables us to consistently provide a great service for our patients and their GPs, support trust staff to cut waste, and prepares us for our move into the new hospital.”

See the full report on page 30 of the April 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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