Nottingham trust selects radiotherapy QA partner

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has signed a 10-year QA Pilot contract for its radiotherapy department including six linacs, brachytherapy, superficial, CT and contact rooms. Supplied by Oncology Imaging Systems (OIS), QA Pilot is a cloud-based, centralised software solution designed to make managing QA easier and to optimise workflow for faster organisation of data.

“For us, the big driver to getting a QA system was the jump from paper records to digital, so we can record our QA but also use trending and reports to try to forecast machine downtime,” said principal dosimetry physicist Jonathan Littler at City Hospital.

“It also means we can demonstrate our QA compliance under the new IR(ME)R regulations, without trawling through logbooks. Having the system entirely cloud-based means no installing and maintaining software, dealing with licences, etc. It has been an easy transition so far.”

The trust provides specialist cancer services and is at the forefront of many research programmes. In addition to being a QA Pilot user, it also utilises Standard Imaging’s IMSure software and the QA BeamChecker Plus.

OIS sales manager Mike Holroyd said: “Following a trial of QA Pilot, we are very pleased that it was selected as the QA management system of choice for the department, and we look forward to developing our continued partnership into the future.

“QA Pilot is a game-changer that will enable the team to streamline departmental QA, communications, auditing and machine trending, from any location.”

Picture: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has chosen QA Pilot to enable the transition to digital records.

Published on page 2 of the August 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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