Open bore MRI for Belfast

From left are Siemens Ireland modality manager Sean Harrison, Northern MRI senior radiographer Sandra Conn, Siemens NI account manager Jim Seymour and Northern MRI superintendent radiographer Julie Smyth.


Northern MRI Limited has completed the installation of a Siemens Magnetom Espree, Northern Ireland’s first and only open bore, 1.5 Tesla, MRI system, that combines a larger bore for claustrophobic patients with the ability to capture high-field quality diagnostic images.


“This is going to increase our efficiency and improve the patients’ MRI experience,” says Northern MRI superintendent radiographer Julie Smyth.  “The patient-friendly design of this magnet will make it easier for patients who are claustrophobic or those who suffer from pain or mobility issues, while producing higher quality images.  This should reduce the need to repeat or interrupt exams.”


The Magnetom Espree is a next generation 1.5T MRI that provides improved image quality. Its small footprint of less than 30m² made it an ideal choice for the clinic.


The Espree also offers greater headroom and space once the patient is in the bore of the magnet, despite its compact size.  This helps to relieve anxiety in claustrophobic patients and provides a CT-like patient environment due to the short 125cm bore length and its significant increase in bore diameter from 60cm to 70cm.


With the new MRI system in place, Northern MRI is also hoping to build up its services in cardiac imaging.  It currently offers a range of scanning procedures in neurology, musculoskeletal, paediatrics, gastrointestinal, sports injuries, oncology and gynaecology.


See the full report on the back page of the December 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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