Optimising patient pathways

When we are out visiting different hospital sites, we take our time speaking with healthcare personnel – we listen to their needs and the challenges they face.

Healthcare facilities constantly strive to deliver high-quality care efficiently, but they often encounter hurdles such as: limited resources, fluctuating patient volumes, rapid technological advancements and budget constraints.

So how can AGITO Medical help hospitals revolutionise their workflow and optimise their patient pathways, but without blowing their entire budget? Let’s dive into one of our customer cases – a case that illustrates how we adapt to these challenges and needs with our rental solutions.

While the world of healthcare is seeing increasing demands across the board, patient numbers can be difficult to predict, making it challenging for hospitals to keep their scanning capacities aligned with their day-to-day or week-to-week requirements. Some hospitals might not require a static scanner on a regular basis, and others may find that their static scanners just can’t keep up with the number of patients that need to be seen. And this turned out to be the exact challenge that Nuffield Health in the UK needed to combat…

Nuffield Health consists of 37 hospitals, located in different cities across the UK, and they have plenty of patients coming in all day – many of them with a need to be CT or MRI scanned. However, some of Nuffield’s hospitals don’t have static scanners. Other Nuffield hospitals have static scanners but require extra capacity.

In helping Nuffield in accommodating the needs of their patients, AGITO now covers 13 different Nuffield hospitals in CT and MRI, using two CT scanners and five MRI scanners – all mobile rental units. For all 13 hospitals to make use of the scanners, the 7 units move between the 13 sites every day or every three days.

In that way, all 13 hospitals can now meet the needs of their patients!

Read more about some of the many ways we help hospitals combat their challenges with our rental solutions!

Picture: The AGITO team visiting Nuffield Health in Brighton

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