Positive feedback from a frontline Klarity user

Nothampton Centre for Oncology assistant practitioner Matthew York.

Northampton Centre for Oncology, part of Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, has been using Klarity thermoplastic material, supplied by Vertec Scientific for around nine months for patients receiving radiotherapy to the brain, head and neck.

Vertec asked assistant practitioner Matthew York for a user’s take on the material.  He reported that the features that first attracted the centre to Klarity included less shrinkage for a better fit on treatment and less chance of needing to re-mould during treatment, making the experience better for patients. The ability to re-use a shell if it does not form correctly on the first attempt, or the user is not happy with the patient’s position, is a welcome cost saving and, as the shells are of non-stick material, Matthew finds them more manageable.

See the full report on page 9 of the April 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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