Rotherham RIS goes live

Agfa HealthCare UK md Andy Hind and colleague Tracey Morris with general manager for  clinical radiology and medical physics John Beeston and PACS and RIS manager Mark Buckley.


Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has ‘gone live’ with a new Agfa RIS solution to speed up key processes for its clinicians and other healthcare users.


An essential aspect of the new solution is its tight integration with the trust’s existing PACS, namely Agfa HealthCare Impax, which provides a common user interface for staff and optimises the performance of the hardware and technical infrastructure that is already in place within the trust.


Alongside the new RIS, Rotherham has also introduced Voice Recognition within the radiology department, achieved by the integration of Impax RIS with the Voice Recognition software.


The use of digital dictation has significantly streamlined reporting procedures and enabled clinicians around the hospital to have reports readily available to them at their personal computers.


See the full report on page 7 of the January 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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