Rutherford Health and Bupa centres set to streamline the journey for cancer patients

Rutherford Health has partnered with Bupa Health Clinics to open a number of Bupa Health Centres within its network of cancer clinics, creating a one-stop journey for patients, from diagnosis to treatment. The centres will give access to services such as private GP appointments, health assessments and physiotherapy under one roof within the Rutherford Cancer Centre North West in Liverpool.

If symptoms of cancer are identified in the Bupa Health Clinic, patients will be directed to Rutherford’s cancer specialists for MR and CT scans, mammograms and ultrasonograms on the same day, at the same facility.

Bupa Health Centre opening
The first Bupa Health Centre is opened in Liverpool.

The first Bupa Health Centre was opened on January 28 by Bupa Health Services general manager Sarah Melia and Rutherford Cancer Centres general manager Kevin Solly.

Speaking at the launch, Solly said: “The one-stop health centre will provide access to our state-of-the-art cancer diagnostics and treatments for those who need them, while also diversifying our care offering at the Rutherford Cancer Centres.

“In the UK, we are currently in the midst of a serious crisis in diagnosis and screening for cancer patients, and we know that early diagnosis of cancer saves lives.

“These clinics will help to strengthen diagnostic capability in the UK by providing patients with a critical healthcare facility that will be able to fast-track the time between diagnosis and treatment. This is a great example of how health providers can work together to improve care, create meaningful outcomes, and deliver tangible benefits to patients.”

A second clinic will open at Rutherford Cancer Centre North East in Northumberland later this year. In addition to providing high energy proton beam therapy and therapies such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy, each centre has diagnostic imaging including MRI and CT.

Picture: Rutherford Cancer Centres general manager Kevin Solly, Bupa Health Services general manager Sarah Melia and Bupa operations director Ian Southerland.

Published on page 6 of the March 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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