ScanLab and ImagingU are revolutionising MRI and CT education and training to improve clinical competence and cut costs

The future of MRI and CT education and training is virtual. That’s why cutting-edge universities and healthcare organisations are turning to ScanLab and ImagingU to implement online radiology education and training programs that improve revenue and reduce training costs and duration.

For most universities, the post pandemic classroom looks a lot different. With the rise of virtual learning, radiology educators have struggled to provide quality education and hands-on clinical practice. 

Meanwhile, the healthcare industry has been challenged to find better and more efficient cross-training solutions to address a shrinking MRI workforce that’s led to massive clinical backlogs and revenue losses. 

For both academic and healthcare leaders, the goal is to implement an ROI-positive remote education and training solution that produces clinically competent technicians on a condensed timeline.  

ScanLab and ImagingU have emerged as the virtual education and training solution for both industries.

  • ScanLab offers the world’s first MRI and CT simulators that quantify and assess clinical competence and scan quality. ScanLab’s software helps students safely and efficiently improve their skills while providing educators and managers with precise tools for objective clinical assessment and evaluation.
  • ImagingU is the leading online MRI and CT education platform for technologists and radiologists around the world. Through dynamic and engaging animation, visual aids, interactive lectures, and mock testing, learners can master complex concepts such as spatial encoding, pulse sequence diagrams, k-space filling, and more, and earn CE credits.

Together, ScanLab and ImagingU can train MRI and CT radiographers faster than ever before.

Learn exactly how Akumin and Alliance Healthcare Services used ScanLab with ImagingU to recover more than $1.1M in revenue, while Casa Loma College in Van Nuys, CA implemented ScanLab for their students and gained $280,000 in net revenue.

Visit ScanLab at UKIO on stand  A17.

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