A radiographer’s experience of SGRT as it becomes the standard of care in radiotherapy

Author(s): Jennifer Cook

Hospital: Vertec Scientific

Reference: RAD Magazine, 48, 567, 12


My first experience of surface-guided radiotherapy (SGRT) was a few years ago when I worked at a radiotherapy centre using an SGRT system. When centres I had worked in before were using tattoos and imaging to set up the patient, it took me a while to fully appreciate the benefits for patients and radiographers of using the skin’s surface to ensure an accurate set-up.

Fast forward to late spring 2021 and I had left my job as an advanced practitioner in London for a new adventure in the world of sales. Seeing my previous experience with SGRT, my new employer thought I might be the ideal person to get involved with the SGRT platform it represented, so here I am certified as a C-RAD applications specialist.

For those who are new to the concept of SGRT I present below the things I think you need to know.

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