AI for chest x-ray interpretation and workflow prioritisation

Author(s): Dr Neelanjan Das

Hospital: East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Reference: RAD Magazine, 47, 555, 11-12


X-rays are one of the most commonly used and cost-effective imaging modalities performed, and account for the highest proportion of radiological examinations undertaken in the UK compared to other imaging tests such as CT and MRI. Of the 33 million such imaging tests reported in England, x-rays accounted for more than ~70%, with 23 million performed. According to the 2020 UK Clinical Radiology census, the NHS radiologist workforce is now short-staffed by 33% and needs at least another 1,939 consultants just to keep up with pre-coronavirus levels of demand for scans and surgery. It is assumed that consultant radiologists report 90% of CTs and MRIs and only 60% of x-rays across the UK, with almost 45% of all trusts leaving images auto-reported or unreported.

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