MRI of the pituitary gland – a pictorial review of common pathologies

Author(s): Dr Jay Patel, Dr Shubhabrata Biswas

Hospital: The Walton Centre

Reference: RAD Magazine, 48, 560, 11-12


The sellar region is a site of complex neuroanatomical structures with unique physiological characteristics. As such, it can give rise to a wide range of pathologies. Imaging is crucial in diagnosis and management of these conditions. It must be sensitive and specific when identifying the abnormalities to remain a useful adjunct to endocrinological markers and histopathology. Improving the detection of subtle lesions with MRI can also obviate the need for more invasive procedures, such as inferior petrosal vein sampling.

We describe the protocols that may be used to image the pituitary and give examples of some common sellar pathologies, which can be identified using these MRI techniques.

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