The role of the therapeutic radiographer

Author(s): Ryan Yeo, Julie Duong, Daniel Megias, Yat Tsang

Hospital: Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Reference: RAD Magazine, 45, 532, 18-19


With the ever-increasing complexity of the radiotherapy patient pathway the notion of advanced practice may be considered increasingly inherent in the role of therapeutic radiographer, notably with the continued drive towards adaptive radiotherapy. Current drivers for advanced therapeutic radiographer practice have seen blurring of boundaries between traditionally clinician-defined aspects of the patient pathway and the ones by therapeutic radiographers. With the inevitable and not too distant reality of real-time online adaption of the patient plan at the point of delivery, the role of the therapeutic radiographer will likely further evolve, with the requirement for knowledge and skills associated with dosimetry, and ultimately approval of the treatment plan and increasing ownership of the patient treatment prescription.

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