Therapeutic ultrasound: a new tool in the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Author(s): Dr Petros Mouratidis, Professor Gail ter Haar

Hospital: The Institute of Cancer Research

Reference: RAD Magazine, 45, 529, 12-13


Ultrasound energy propagates as a pressure wave (sound) emitted at a frequency above that of the upper threshold for human hearing. Diagnostic ultrasound scanners have found widespread use in imaging applications where they offer a real-time, non-invasive and non-ionising method of detecting tissues and structures. The premise here is that diagnostic ultrasound, especially as used in obstetrics, produces no irreversible or harmful biological effects in the tissues through which it passes. However, when the energy passing through a given tissue volume is sufficiently high, changes may be seen. These may be harnessed for therapeutic benefit.

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