Ultrasound diagnosis of Caesarean scar pregnancy

Author(s): Dr Venetia Goodhart, Mr Davor Jurkovic

Hospital: University College Hospital, London

Reference: RAD Magazine, 42, 490, 21-22


A Caesarean scar pregnancy is a form of ectopic pregnancy in which the pregnancy is implanted outside the uterine cavity into a poorly healed lower uterine segment Caesarean section scar. It is a rare complication following previous Caesarean section and it occurs in approximately 1 in 1,800 pregnancies. There has been a steady rise in the worldwide rates of Caesarean section, reaching an average rate of 21.1% in developed countries which may explain greater awareness of scar implantations in recent years. Caesarean scar pregnancies have been associated with an increased risk of significant maternal morbidity as a result of severe haemorrhage thought to be secondary to abnormally adherent placental tissue. Clear diagnostic criteria using transvaginal ultrasound have been established as an effective tool in identifying Caesarean scar pregnancies in order to ensure accurate diagnosis and to support timely, appropriate management.

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