St Helens installs the first 3.0T MRI of its kind in the UK

In front are radiology manager Gill Holroyd, lead MRI radiographer Emma O’Reilly and MR product specialist Alison Kenny.  Behind them are zone clinical leader Andy Laycock, advanced practitioner MRI Iain Kennedy, GE imaging commercial lead Tim Jones and GE product manager Bastien Perez.

St Helens Hospital, Merseyside, has installed the UK’s first Signa Pioneer 3.0T MRI system, a system that brings the latest GE Healthcare applications to the clinical environment.

After only a few weeks in operation the hospital team is already seeing the benefits of the applications.  Radiology clinical practice manager Ian Sutton said: “The Pioneer is giving us much more flexibility to help accommodate the needs of our patients and clinicians.  The system’s advanced functionalities and ease-of-use features help enable great image quality.

“Quicker scans mean more patients being seen each day which means shorter waiting times for those requiring investigations.  The scanners also produce highly detailed images that allow our doctors to better see images of bones and soft tissue.  This helps ensure treatment can be accurately tailored to the illness or injury that’s been discovered.”

See the full report on page 23 of the April 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.

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