Symbia T6 at St Helier Hospital

Siemens Healthcare regional sales manager Andreas Hadjiphanis with staff at the St Helier Hospital and a Symbia T6 TruePoint SPECT/CT system.


St Helier Hospital, part of Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, has installed a Symbia T6 TruePoint SPECT/CT that combines a 6-slice CT with variable angle dual detector SPECT.


St Helier is using the system for a wide range of procedures, including renal scans, brain scans and ventilation and perfusion scans.  The dual angle detector makes it capable of improving image quality for even the most challenging of scans.  Additionally, the system can accommodate both paediatric and bariatric patients with ease.


See the full report on page 26 of the August 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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