The LabLogic Group opens new global headquarters

The LabLogic Group has opened a new state-of-the-art headquarters in Sheffield, named Innovation House. LabLogic is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of instrumentation and software for the detection and measurement of radioactivity in several industries, including nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy.

The group consists of the wholly owned subsidiaries Southern Scientific, Knight Imaging, Care Wise, and LabLogic Systems with dedicated offices in the UK, US, France, and Germany. LabLogic has sold instruments and software in over 100 countries and has a presence on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

Opened in November 2022 and situated on Sheffield Business Park close to the M1, Innovation House delivers a purpose-built workspace that can accommodate the rapidly growing business, which has seen its workforce grow by 30% since 2019.

New office area.
New office area.

Richard Brown, managing director of the group, said, “Following the success of new products developed before 2020 and released to market as COVID hit, such as our Logi-CHROM ONE integrated radio-HPLC stack, we recognised the need for a new office space. We needed somewhere that could accommodate future growth, and that put us on the path to Innovation House. It was important that the new building encouraged collaboration between departments and promoted a sociable atmosphere, and that fed into the design and planning.”

LabLogic’s Research and Development department, which has been a contributing factor in securing the group’s position as an industry leader, has moved from the business’s existing production facility in Sheffield and into a dedicated lab at Innovation House. Since 2020, the number of hardware instruments manufactured has increased by 70%, so bringing R&D into the new headquarters has freed critical production and storage space at the existing site.

LabLogic laboratory
Laboratory area.

A dedicated training suite with an adjacent state-of-the-art laboratory will allow distributors and customers to be properly familiarised with LabLogic’s instruments by dedicated service engineers and taught best working practices to optimise their own workflows.

The new headquarters also includes an entirely new communal kitchen with open plan dining and seating and a gym with full shower and changing facilities for staff. Paying homage to the company’s heritage in the atrium is the Museum, with some of LabLogic’s original instruments which built the company’s reputation for laboratory management proudly displayed, including an original GC-RAM for gas chromatography, which predates HPLC.

Lablogic atrium
The atrium area.

Consideration has not only been given to the needs of the business and the people within it, but also to the environment. Innovation House includes a number of sustainable green features, including the provision of EV charging points.

Innovation House will continue to support the group’s existing domestic offices in Bath and Brighton, as well as international offices in Tampa, Paris, and Hamburg.

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