Training day for SpR’s at Bristol

Toshiba ultrasound application specialists Shane Hanlon and Sue Moss join SpR’s Dr Iara Sequeiros, Dr Chloe Mortensen, Dr Richard Fawcett, Dr Jonathan Rodrigues, Dr Garry Pettet, Dr Richard Sidebottom, Dr Rebecca Hunt and Dr Rebecca Geach.  Seated at the Aplio scanner is Dr Hyeladzira Thahal.


In response to a request from Dr Paul McCoubrie, consultant radiologist at North Bristol Hospital Trust, Shane Hanlon and Sue Moss, clinical applications specialists with Toshiba Medical Systems, spent a rewarding day helping with the ultrasound training for new SpR radiology trainees at Bristol. 


The ultrasound module is part of the students’ introductory course to radiology. 


United Bristol Hospital Trust and North Bristol Hospital Trust both have several Toshiba ultrasound systems in their departments, ranging from the newest Aplio XG, to earlier models including the Aplio XV, Xario, Nemio and Famio systems.  They also have several of Toshiba’s latest Viamo portable scanners.


See the full report on the back page of the March 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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