Ultrasound system can calculate area of gastric antrum with a single tap

Medical device manufacturer Mindray has launched the TE9 ultrasound system to the UK market. It features a high definition 21.5″ touch screen and smart clinical diagnostic tools designed to support clinicians in anaesthesia, emergency and critical care environments. The larger screen and zoom features offer greater visibility of patient data in surgical environments.

Mindray says that, in an industry first, the TE9 features an Auto Gastric Antrum tool that automatically identifies the edge of the gastric antrum and calculates its area with a single screen tap.

“The new TE9 is equipped with a host of features designed to expand point-of-care ultrasound solutions and meet evolving clinical needs,” commented medical imaging system general manager Xujin He.

To conform with high acuity sterilisation protocols, the TE9’s iVocal system allows hands-free user commands, the screen-lock feature on the touch screen helps with wipe-down cleaning, while Mindray’s eGateway integration application allows patient data to be sent from the bedside to the electronic patient record. It also offers automation capabilities such as Smart IVC to help clinicians evaluate and collect reproducible measurements of patients at their bedside, in theatres or when they are on the move.

Other tools include eSpacial Navi, a 4D magnetic needle navigation technology that allows users to better visualise and confirm the correct location for needles during in-plane and out-of-plane procedures; and iNeedle which increases needle visibility even during steep-angled operations to confirm correct needle placement while minimising the risk of harm to surrounding tissues.

Picture: The TE9 ultrasound system features a 21.5″ touch screen.

Published on page 4 of the April 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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