Advanced spectral CT systems to equip Craigavon’s £6.8 million imaging suite

Two AI-assisted CT scanners will be supplied by Canon Medical Systems UK to Craigavon Area Hospital, part of Southern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland, to equip a £6.8 million twin CT suite development. The spectral, wide detector diagnostic imaging systems will help to cut waiting times, expand the range of local imaging services and provide enhanced image quality outputs.

Advanced scanning protocols on the systems will assist in improving stroke, cancer and cardiac imaging services offered to the trust’s catchment population. Currently, advanced scans such as cardiac CT are outsourced and patients have to travel for a scan. Providing advanced scanning on site will improve service capacity and patient accessibility to diagnostic services closer to home.

Canon Medical Systems UK account manager Billy Erwin commented: “The development of the new twin CT suite with joint control room at Craigavon Area Hospital has been six years in the making. We have been part of the project management team for the CT facility build, guiding the room design, supporting safety features and planning delivery access. This aimed to reduce the stress on hospital clinical teams by ensuring smooth equipment planning and commissioning logistics.”

Picture: Aquilion One/Prism Edition CT systems have been ordered by Craigavon Area Hospital.

See the full report on page 7 of the February 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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