Enlitic aims to use the power of AI to create real-world evidence medical image database

A shift towards a new and improved healthcare model that is focused on delivering better outcomes, reducing costs and improving the overall patient experience requires a fundamental shift in the way healthcare organisations operate, proposes Enlitic, as well as the technologies and tools they use to manage and analyse their data.

Innovative and advanced analytical tools, including AI and machine learning to make sense of the vast amounts of healthcare data generated every day, can help healthcare organisations better understand patient needs, identify patterns and trends, and develop more personalised and effective treatments.

“A real-world evidence framework can play a significant role in reimagining healthcare by providing healthcare organisations with insights into the effectiveness and safety of drugs and medical devices in real-world settings,” the company says.

Real-world evidence databases can capture data from a variety of sources, such as electronic health records, claims data and patient-generated data, to provide a comprehensive view of how drugs and medical devices perform.

Enlitic believes that the power of AI can transform healthcare by enabling effective data management and improving clinical workflows. Enlitic aims to intelligently manage healthcare data using the power of AI to expand capacity, improve clinical workflows and create a foundation for a real-world evidence medical image database for healthcare providers.

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Picture: Enlitic aims to intelligently manage healthcare data using AI.

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