Grange University Hospital, Cwmbran, MRI department take delivery of the new baby wrap and feed from Wolverson X-ray

The Grange University Hospital, Cwmbran, have just taken delivery of the new baby wrap and feed from Wolverson X-ray. This device offers pressure-free positioning with soft, pleasant materials and is one of many products designed by Pearl Technology for MRI and other busy imaging departments to improve image quality and patient comfort whilst saving costs. This baby wrap can also be used in CT.

MRI scans for newborn babies are not an everyday occurrence and pose special challenges for everyone involved due to the difficulty of achieving safe and stable positioning. To meet the high demands of this procedure, the BabyFix Cocoon was developed in close collaboration with experts from the fields of neonatology, anaesthesia and paediatric radiology. The BabyFix Cocoon accomplishes ideal conditions for a safe and careful examination procedure for new-born babies in the MRI scanner offering improved image quality and excellent hygiene. The slim design and the separate head and body fixation enable the mother to continue breastfeeding, thus facilitating close contact between her and the child during preparation for the scan. This can be done outside of the scanning room.  Careful, pressure-free positioning with soft, pleasant materials.

CT/MRI superintendent radiographer Helen Hopkins commented: “We have found this wrap to be very useful as it allows us to achieve easy and secure positioning of the baby whilst being small enough to fit in the paediatric head coil. We utilise this wrap for both MRI and CT scans and we have found that the babies regularly fall asleep after they have been secured within it.  As a result, we often receive positive feedback from parents who feel reassured to see that their child has been calm and content during the scan – a welcome relief during what can be a worrying time for parents.”

Picture: Wolverson X-ray sales manager Gurpal Matharu, Pearl Technology sales manager Michael Brogle, MRI radiographers Anil Kumar and Stalin Alphonse, HCSW Katarzyna Wawrzonkowska, CT/MRI superintendent radiographer Helen Hopkins, radiology acute services manager Andrea Boycott and paediatric lead radiographer Sarah Manger.

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