Hybrid SPECT/CT system’s detectors snugly surround the patient to provide detailed paediatric imaging

Spectrum Dynamics Medical’s Veriton-CT digital SPECT/CT system with personalised scans has been chosen for a paediatric programme by Vizient Inc, a member-driven healthcare performance improvement company in the USA.

The 3D digital hybrid SPECT/CT scanner has a 360° CZT 12-detector design that automatically moves close to the patient’s body, following its shape. The 360° wraparound helps improve scans of children because the detectors can get within millimetres of their smaller frames, unlike traditional systems with detectors at a fixed diameter. Spectrum Dynamics says the scanner helps young patients feel comfortable with the procedure since it is faster than a traditional analogue 180° dual head camera.

The digital detectors snugly surround the patient to sense maximum photons, meaning that the high definition images require a lower injected dose of radiopharmaceutical than non-digital scanner technology. The Veriton-CT scans from head to toe in 3D hybrid mode, providing detailed information in a single session.

“At a time when precise images are indispensable for monitoring the lungs and other organs of people with COVID-19, our contract with Vizient builds on our success helping hospitals and diagnostic centres adopt essential technology to improve testing efficiency and give patients more reassuring results,” said Spectrum Dynamics vice president of global commercial operations Jim Haisler. “Paediatric care providers are especially interested in Veriton-CT because of its ring-shaped design and ability to scan in close, even around the smallest patients’ bodies, for better image quality.”

Picture: Veriton-CT features 360° wraparound detectors.

Published on page 2 of the December 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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