Intelligent assistant aims to make work easier for radiographers

At the virtual RSNA annual meeting Agfa presented SmartXR, a system designed to make work easier for users and support them in image capture.

From the orientation of the DR detector, to the positioning of the patient, to the setting of optimal x-ray acquisition parameters, Agfa says SmartXR is an intelligent assistant for radiographers. “It is designed to help optimise operational and clinical performance in the department without users relinquishing overview and control over the entire imaging process,” the company explains.

“On average, 18 per cent of all x-ray images are rejected and the figure is even higher for mobile imaging. Repeat imaging increases patient dose and reduces patient throughput, adds workload and increases equipment utilisation, which in turn increases overhead costs. This is a situation that should be avoided in any medical facility.”

SmartXR and Musica work together to ensure that images are captured to provide immediate, meaningful results at the lowest possible dose.

Musica image processing software optimises radiographs automatically. It is self-adaptive and, regardless of the type of examination or patient height and build, offers consistent image quality and balanced reproduction of soft tissue and overlapping bone structures.

Picture: The SmartAlign tool on Agfa’s mobile DR 100s system.

Published on page 3 of the December 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.


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