Move towards home reporting increases the need for quality workstations

In partnership with hospitals across the UK and Ireland, Hospital Services Limited (HSL) and Barco say they are working to change the way radiology teams work.

According to a May 2020 survey of nearly 300 practices, there has been a 65 per cent increase in the proportion of sites installing home workstations, with 73 per cent switching normal daytime shifts to internal teleradiology. With disruptions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and embracing of telehealth options contributing to this increase in home reporting, HSL and Barco have emphasised that healthcare providers need to provide their clinicians with the best tools and correctly calibrated displays.

Barco says it has the ability to provide a flexible and mobile reading workstation solution with the same image quality and consistent reading environment wherever a team needs to work.

Barco’s mammography and diagnostic display portfolio has been joined by the small footprint Nio Fusion 12MP, which is designed to make the reading environment more flexible. Through its partnership with Barco, HSL is already experiencing more inquiries around this and the Coronis Fusion 6MP displays.

HSL recently installed a Hologic SecurView workstation with the Coronis Uniti in Cork University Hospital’s breast imaging department to complement an Agfa PACS reporting solution. Advanced customisable workflows and image manipulation tools such as SpotView, designed to ensure accurate and efficient evaluation of 2D and 3D mammography examinations, are supplied as part of the standard offering.

To meet RCR guidelines, the HSL team provides ongoing calibration and quality assurance services and offers independent assessment and maintenance of installations to ensure compliance and consistency.

Picture: Consultant radiologist at Cork University Hospital and BreastCheck Dr Rosemary Murphy and HSL clinical applications specialist Ruth Fry during initial set-up and user training for the hospital’s Coronis Uniti installation.

Published on page 6 of the November 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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