Professionals from many specialities learn more about high level probe disinfection

More than 75 healthcare professionals from the NHS, private and commercial sectors attended a study day in Warwick to learn about local and international high level disinfection trends for ultrasound probe reprocessing.

Hosted by infection control solutions company Nanosonics, the event attracted a range of healthcare staff from sonographers, midwives, infection prevention and decontamination experts to medical, biomedical and clinical engineering staff. The study day was chaired by University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust decontamination lead Claire Jones-Manning.

Nanosonics country manager UK and Ireland Bryn Tudor-Owen said: “Our aim was to put into context why and how high level disinfection plays an important role in preventing the risk of cross-contamination between patients. We had two experts explain what decontamination is and why having a validated process is important to healthcare facilities and patients. Three further experts gave their insights into the benefits of having automated high level disinfection systems such as trophon installed in their facilities. The final speaker was an American expert in a live feed from Kentucky about how the increased use of ultrasound in different hospital departments puts patients at risk when ultrasound probes are not appropriately reprocessed.”

Picture: UK speakers at the study day were Spencer Nickson Limited authorising engineer, decontamination, Wayne Spencer, Nottingham University Hospitals clinical scientist for infection prevention and control Karren Staniforth, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust decontamination lead Claire Jones-Manning, Nanosonics country manager UK and Ireland Bryn Tudor-Owen, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust consultant sonographer Dr Peter Cantin and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust clinical lead infection prevention Liz Collins.

Published on page 32 of the July 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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