The first UK Revolution Apex install at Princess of Wales NHS Trust , Bridgend, Wales

Revolution Apex is GE Healthcare’s next-generation flagship ultra-premium CT scanner to provide the power of a new image chain, industry leading spatial resolution, temporal resolution, coverage, and spectral imaging.

The Princess of Wales CT department were already accustomed to this high level technology with a previous Revolution CT installation in 2017. The Apex brings them the latest GE AI TrueFidelity. CT images generated by Deep Learning Image Reconstruction to elevate every image to a powerful first impression, combined with single energy Metal Artefact Reduction (Smart MAR) and up to 82% dose saving with ASiR -V iterative reconstruction.

Sarah Maund commented: “We have been able to train our core radiographers and the extended team that provide out of hours emergency cover quickly and easily on the Revolution Apex this has been extremely important with the  extra pressure on radiology services as a result of COVID-19.”

Revolution Apex delivers an uncompromised set of clinical solutions for your most challenging patients. Low kVp imaging for paediatrics and adults is driven by Kv Assist 2 achieving high quality images for all patients of all sizes.  The power and speed of the Revolution Apex provides the ability to scan free breathing and no sedation paediatrics and fast acquisitions of acute trauma, intensive care patients. Cardiac imaging  can be achieved with 1-beat cardiac at any heart rate, even in atrial fibrillation, high resolution cardiovascular imaging is possible for  patients with heavily calcified vessels, low kVp TAVI planning with combined gated and ungated imaging with a single bolus of contrast, perfusion imaging for acute stroke in under 5 minutes[1] and dynamic whole-heart myocardial perfusion are achieved without the need to shuttle the table.

Sarah Maund commented: “New software features such as TrueFidelity image reconstruction and the new KV Assist 2 have been simple to implement in our scanning protocols. KV Assist 2 allows us to deliver high quality diagnostic images on the assortment of body habitus that we scan. This feature allows us to define a profile around image quality and patient size and then assign it to the scanning protocol, making the scanning workflow quick and easy to use as it is pre-built into each protocol.”

Alison Kenny , CT modality manager commented “We are really pleased to bring the first Apex to the Princess of Wales Hospital. As part of GE’s collaboration with the Trust we are also upgrading the current Revolution CT so the trust will enjoy this technology across both systems and ensure aligned patient pathways.”

Want to know more about upgrading to the latest AI driven deep learning imaging reconstruction – TrueFidelity? Contact Matt Trevail CT modality manager. GE Healthcare have already upgraded some UK Revolution systems with great results.

Dr Sri Iyengar, Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot commented: “True fidelity improves tissue definition in patients with high BMI especially within the mediastinum, retroperitoneum and neck, areas where conventional reconstruction algorithms tend to struggle. This becomes even more relevant and important in studies where images are acquired without contrast enhancement or in follow-up studies where radiation dose reduction strategies are likely to be used.”

Picture: Nicola Jones , account manager GE Healthcare; Sarah Maund, CT superintendent radiographer; Nicolas George, senior radiographer; Jackie Briggs , CT zone clinical leader GE Healthcare.

[1] Enabled by Neuro Multiphase CTA Protocols on Revolution Apex and FastStroke application on AW and AW Server.

Dr Sri Iyengar, Sarah Maund and GE Healthcare do not have any contractual relationship beyond the fact of being an end user of a GE medical device.

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