AI expected to bring greater consistency to radiotherapy at Swansea hospital

Singleton Hospital in Swansea has worked with Oncology Systems Limited (OSL) in order to investigate the benefits of introducing ART-Plan AI into its radiotherapy planning workflow. Clinical scientist in the medical physics department Adam Selby explained: “With the anticipated wave of patients heading into the system due to a hold-back from COVID-19 we are looking to mobilise technology to aid us in keeping ahead of this curve by saving planners and clinicians countless hours sat in front of computer screens identifying critical avoidance anatomy used in formulating our treatment plans.

“Harnessing AI will, we envisage, bring us greater consistency, enhanced accuracy and unmatched speed in performing what are currently laborious, time-consuming procedures, in a way that has eluded us using older technologies. This will enable us to deliver timely treatments for our patients without incurring a penalty of late starting due to a resource issue in planning.”

OSL commercial director Stuart Southgate added: “We have done our homework and found that our partner TheraPanacea offers a game-changing technology for auto-contouring in RT planning. We have investigated the results derived from its algorithms using OSL’s contour analysis software ImSimQA and find the ability to contour over 80 structures with a consistent, accurate result very impressive indeed.”

Published on page 12 of the August 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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