Clinical breakthroughs at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Agfa HealthCare’s latest insights into clinical breakthroughs show Leeds Teaching Hospitals revolutionising imaging IT within its trust. In association with BBC StoryWorks and Medtech Europe, Leeds Teaching Hospital’s radiology department took the opportunity to showcase progressive attitudes, visible and viable insights, and investment into clinicians’ wellbeing with the transition to Enterprise Imaging.

As one of the biggest and busiest trusts in the Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative (YIC) ICS, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is held in high regard with its technically innovative approaches and, in particular, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to support clinical services. The ‘‘Connecting the Dots” series explores the profound impact medical technology has on improving and saving lives, driving drive enormous value for people, professionals, and whole systems of care at every phase of the patient journey. Set to demystify the technologies within radiology, this footage aims to improve the comprehension of medical technology and represents a diversity of voices within our much-valued NHS network.

As the imaging IT partner to the trust, Agfa HealthCare is delighted to bring to screen the transformation of image data management, the talented people driving innovation forward, and those who are benefitting from it. The trust has truly embraced digital health’s support of patient care, but also working flexibility and wellness for its clinical teams. The trusts engagement with Agfa HealthCare, as a long-term partner, also gives it the opportunity as a vendor to showcase how it can make a real difference to industry and healthcare delivery. Agfa HealthCare is proud to call these amazing NHS representatives our customer colleagues.

Agfa HealthCare can demonstrate that Enterprise Imaging is not a concept or a theory – our NHS community are already demonstrating its reality in clinical settings with emphasis on patient care and staff wellness. “We want you to enjoy our latest insight piece and give huge kudos and gratitude to our clinical and technical clients for their openness and support.”

See the full BBC StoryWorks footage here.

Picture: Dr Fahmid Chowdhury, consultant radiologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

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