Focused SPECT imaging is introduced on Veriton-CT

The Veriton-CT, from Spectrum Dynamics Medical, is able to perform multi-focused imaging with its array of 12 fanning CZT solid-state detectors, unlike rectangular field of view SPECT/CT systems. “This ensures that images are of the highest quality and improves specificity, especially where non-specific uptake can negatively affect diagnostic reporting,” says distributor Link Medical.

Focused imaging is especially important for myocardial perfusion imaging where extra-cardiac activity may obscure heart uptake. Similarly, for dopamine transporter imaging in the brain, focusing on the striatum results in image quality approaching that of PET scans, with an imaging time of 15 minutes or less, compared to 30-45 minutes with conventional systems.

For focused bone imaging, the increased volumetric sensitivity of Veriton-CT provides increased contrast and can identify focal areas that have potential to be overlooked on conventional SPECT imaging.

This aspect of Veriton-CT, combined with fully inclusive advanced imaging software such as SUV, MVP, metal artefact reduction and low dose iterative reconstruction, result in high image quality and a volumetric sensitivity significantly better that conventional rectangular SPECT/CT designs, says Link Medical.

Left: Non-focused image. Right: Same patient with spine focus showing enhanced image quality.

Published on page 18 of the September 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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