From virtual reality to reality at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

“At the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital we have a long-standing working relationship with Bayer for contrast injectors. We have always been very impressed with the reliability of the equipment and the standard of after sales service and support. We are very excited to embrace multi-dosing technology as we appreciate the advantages of tailoring contrast protocols and dosage to the individual patient. We are also anticipating significant savings on contrast usage as we will be reducing waste. The Centargo system was demonstrated to us with an excellent virtual reality session; this was really helpful to allow the team and infection control to fully understand the functions and operation of the system, without having to travel to another site to view it in action. We are impressed by the ease of set up, the piston based delivery and contrast heating functions. Features of the system like the contrast barcode reader have been designed to reduce manual entry allowing the radiographers more time to care for their patients. On starting to use the system we like the accessible training sessions that are available on the controller for all staff to view if they need a reminder.  We are also grateful for the reduction in plastic waste, now we have a day set rather than syringes for each patient, which has to be good for the planet.”

 – Sarah Crocker/Katie Theedom, CT/MRI superintendent radiographers at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Picture: CT/MRI superintendent radiographer Katie Theedom and CT radiographer Dougie McVinnie.

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