George Eliot Hospital cuts orthopaedic waiting times with x-ray in outpatients department

George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton has received a Carestream DRX Evolution Plus x-ray room and a Stratos DR DXA unit, installed by Medray UK.

“Having an x-ray room within the outpatients department has completely transformed the orthopaedic service,” commented x-ray lead radiographer Hannah Toon. “The patients have benefitted in several ways; less distance to travel for their examinations, reduced waiting times and a welcoming, stress-free environment.”

Stratos DR DXA
Account manager Karishma Pandya with radiographer Debbie Prince and DXA technician Karen Lemmon.

The equipment is said to be efficient, practical and user friendly, with auto-positioning features that reduce musculoskeletal impact on radiographers. “It has been a seamless transition to use the Evolution Plus as we already have two identical x-ray rooms within the trust and the radiographers agree that it is a delight to use,” Toon continued.

“The new Stratos DR DXA unit also installed by Medray UK is smart, sleek and efficient. The ambience of this room is improved as it was specifically designed to accommodate the DXA service. It produces much lower dose exam- inations and reduces the overall scan time for patients. The unit’s ergonomic design has been well received by patients, particularly the ease of getting on and off the table.”

Lead picture: Medray account manager Sam Parker and Karishma Pandya with radiographer Peace Wanyana.

Published on page 4 of the October 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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