Contactless maternity payment kiosks help departments generate income

Enable patients to make quick, secure payments for scan pictures and more with EasyPay Network’s self-service ultrasound and maternity payment kiosks for antenatal departments.

Already operating in more than half of all NHS hospitals, EasyPay payment kiosks are a proven cost-saving, income-generating solution, enabling maternity departments to securely capture lost income and generate additional revenue.

Enable 24/7 transactions for a wide range of services, including prescriptions, equipment, parking, and souvenir ultrasound scan photos. Users can make their selections and make instant, secure payments using cash, card, or contactless methods.

“Our birth centre machine, which paid for itself in the first three months, has generated clear profit already.” – Judith Cuthbert, lead sonographer at Royal Bolton Hospital.

Maternity payment kioskCustomisable touch screen kiosks

All EasyPay Network self-service kiosks run on bespoke software, which is completely customised to meet the needs of maternity departments and patients. It offers a range of real-time reporting functionality and can be integrated with existing systems and software, including the PACS database to enable patient check-in and ID verification.

Add value to the patient experience

Give patients a unique keepsake with bespoke ultrasound photo mounts. Branded with the hospital name and trust logo, these extra touches are a fantastic way of enhancing patients’ experience and generating additional income for things like staff training.

Over 60% of patients paying for ultrasound images at an EasyPay kiosk buy multiple copies of their scan picture.

To learn more, visit the team at BMUS or:

Picture: Patients can make secure payments for scan pictures with EasyPay Network’s self-service ultrasound and maternity payment kiosks.

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