How teleradiology can unlock hospital backlogs

Before COVID-19, the demand for hospital treatments outweighed capacity, it is therefore unsurprising that we are currently facing unprecedented patient waiting times and backlogs which are forecasted to increase into 2024. With more NHS staff leaving their professions due to these mounting pressures, there are no longer the resources to adequately deal with this additional strain. This problem is true of radiology, with patients experiencing record waiting times to receive results and start their treatments – a factor which is projected to carry negative knock-on effects across the healthcare sector.

The Royal College of Radiologists said that current workforce problems were ‘unsustainable’ and for patients with cancer they are at risk from ‘devastating’ effects of shortfalls of key radiology and oncology staff[1]. More needs to be done so that we are reducing the pressure and supporting front line staff, while ensuring patients receive the highest quality of care.

It is for these reasons Vital Radiology is proud to offer 24/7 teleradiology services, providing routine and subspecialty reports to UK clinicians, referring hospitals and technologists. Vital’s proprietary platform has access to NHS systems, providing them with the full patients’ history and secure access of prior medical imaging. This allows them to produce high-quality definitive reports that lead to informed clinical decisions while saving time for the referrer.

By working in partnership with hospitals, Vital can help reduce waiting lists and current backlogs, providing an additional network of support during periods of increased demand. Ultimately, easing the pressure on radiology departments while ensuring more accurate diagnoses and increased safety for patients.

The group’s founder and ceo Dr Arun Chauhan discussed the importance of Vital’s offerings. He said: “When helping healthcare organisations tackle their radiology backlogs and targets it is important to acknowledge that one solution doesn’t fit all. That is why it is critical for Vital to work as an extension of the radiology team to provide a service that is tailored and flexible to their reporting needs and budgets. This approach allows us to offer an expert service which makes a positive difference to patient’s care and helps to relieve pressure on an overwhelmed workforce.”

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[1] Shortages of radiology and oncology staff putting cancer patients at risk, college warns | The BMJ. BMJ 2022; 377 doi: (Published 10 June 2022)

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