Instadose+ – tomorrow’s dosimetry today

Rothband is pleased to be able to announce a new partnership with Mirion Technologies at this year’s UKIO. This coincides with the appointment of new business development manager, John Owen, who brings with him his extensive experience of dosimetry and will be responsible for building Rothband’s dosimetry business in the UK.

As part of the new partnership, Rothband will be re-launching the Instadose+ dosimetry product range, which gained HSE approval in 2020. The Instadose+ offers a new level of convenience, compliance and effectiveness in dosimetry. Smaller than a flash drive, the Instadose+ dosimeter provides instant dose measurement results when connected to any computer or mobile device with internet access via Bluetooth technology.

Currently, radiation exposure data collection is a physical exercise, with badges needing to be sent away to be ‘read’ on a monthly, or even quarterly, basis. It is a very slow, laborious process that means there’s a dramatic time lag between radiation exposure and awareness. If there is a continuous issue for instance, nothing can be done about it until it is picked up weeks later.

With Instadose+ wireless on-demand dose-reads via mobile device or PC, automatic calendar set dose-reads, online badge reassignments, and high dose email alerts allow users freedom from the hassles associated with managing badge exchanges and delayed off-site processing.

Instead of weeks or months, each badge provides instant dose information. The dosimeter badge data is uploaded to a simple to install Instalink hot spot -which can even be a mobile device – and sent back to the data platform for reporting and analysis. This allows users to track and report on exposure in real-time for a safer and more compliant operation. Levels for different teams can be specified, allowing for closer monitoring of high risk employees.

This innovation means the data is available instantly, so radiation protection advisors can act on that data more quickly and within a meaningful time frame. Bluetooth reporting and aggregation also allows for the use of that data for dose trend analysis, best practice, department trend mapping, compliance and more.

Rothband says: “Free your teams from the responsibility of sending back these badges and provide them with a much simpler, effective and accurate reporting process through the Instadose+.”

INSTANT…access instant on-demand dose-reads and measurement data. Featuring Bluetooth technology to quickly, easily and remotely transmit radiation dose data via smart devices, PCs, and hotspot stations.

PRECISE…measurements based upon Direct Ion Storage (DIS) technology, enabling high sensitivity and accuracy.

SMARTER…administration and compliance—eliminating the need to collect, return and redistribute dosimeters for processing. SMARTER reporting and tracking allows users to pinpoint high dose exposures and anomalies faster because only Instadose+ dosimeters enable on-demand and scheduled calendar reads with real-time access to both historical and current dose measurements and reports.

Come and visit Rothband on stand A11 to learn more.

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