Kanal’s 3rd European MRSO/MRMD MR safety training course returns to London in June

Join us at Kanal’s 3rd European MR Safety Officer/MR Medical Director (MRSO/MRMD) course in London. This is a three-day MRI safety training course designed primarily for radiographers and radiologists.

This hugely popular training event runs from Monday, June 12 – Wednesday, June 14 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington. The cost is £600 plus VAT, if self-funding, or £700 plus VAT, if funded. Delegates will receive 20 hours of detailed lectures on MRI safety-related matters, all course materials, selected post course slides, hot buffet lunches and refreshments, plus a vendors’ exhibition.

You will learn how to successfully tackle MRI safety concerns by understanding the unique safety considerations of the radio frequency, static and gradient magnetic fields. You will be introduced to the Kanal Method for clinical decision-making, a methodical, standardised approach to scanning patients with devices, implants, and foreign bodies. The course discusses assessing risks versus benefits for any requested MR study and teaches the steps that can be undertaken to potentially mitigate those risks to a clinically acceptable level.

Over 7,000 MR professionals have attended Dr Kanal’s internationally acclaimed MRSO/MRMD course since its inception in 2014. Dr Kanal lectures extensively on clinical MR and MR safety-related topics, teaching the physics underlying the MR imaging process and how to clinically apply it. He serves as a consultant to industry in the design and implementation of MRI hardware, software, and MRI contrast agents. He is also the author of one of the most comprehensive clinical MR tutor/simulator software ever created, which is used extensively in his courses and lectures. This will be a unique learning experience and a fantastic opportunity for networking and fostering new friendships with colleagues and industry.

How to register

The course is CPD NOW endorsed. To register and to access the course contents and learning outcomes, please go to mrisafetymatters.com or email: mrisafetymatters@btinternet.com or text 07789 235645.

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