Looking for a simple abdominal compression solution for complex SBRT patient setups?

Xiel have worked very closely with Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Birmingham to bring the benefits of the CIVCO Body Pro-Lok ONE system to the hospital, providing one simple solution for complex SBRT patient setups.

The nature of abdominal compression meant that the QEH needed a solution that was robust enough to take pressure, but flexible enough to be put into different positions to accommodate the varying shapes of patients.  The CIVCO Body Pro-Lok ONE system scored highest when ranked against different options available on the market.

The CIVCO Body Pro-Lok Kevlar Platform meant the ONEBridge was compatible with both the treatment and CT couches, so could be referenced consistently throughout the whole patient journey with positioning reproducibility ensured.

The main patient groups that have benefitted through introducing abdominal compression at QEH are liver metastases and hepatocellular carcinomas with future plans at QEH to include novel treatment techniques for renal SABR work.

The CIVCO Body Pro-Lok ONE system features the ONEBridge, with unique design features allowing for improved patient positioning and compression plate restriction.  The complete system provides full body immobilisation for hypofractional treatments and allows customised setups to meet the patient’s needs, including two options (plate or belt) for reducing respiratory motion.

The ONE Respiratory Belt provides pneumatic compression and immobilisation to the abdominal region for SBRT treatments and offers an alternative option to the ONEBridge if required.

The Body Pro-Lok Kevlar Platform provides seamless setup of the patient from imaging/simulation through to the linac unit. It is compatible with all other CIVCO positioning equipment and provides low attenuation with its homogeneous design for planning consistency. The ONEBridge and ONE Respiratory Belt can also be docked directly to the CIVCO Universal Couchtop if your department already has one of these.

Click here to view the Body Pro-Lok brochure and here to view a short video on the Body Pro-Lock positioning system.

Picture: Nadia Praveen, Matt Brennan, Katie Wilson, Sam Cobb and Ben Allen, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

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