MIUS and IMAX are now Probo Medical

On November 3, 2021, the Mount International United Services Limited (MIUS), and IMAX Medical teams began operating under the name Probo Medical.

As announced in early 2021, Probo Medical, a leading global provider of medical imaging equipment, parts, repair, and service, completed the acquisition of MIUS, based in Gloucester, United Kingdom, and IMAX, based in Nantes, France.

MIUS is known as a leading provider of third-party service, repairs, and maintenance for medical imaging equipment across the UK – including over 250 NHS trusts and hospitals – for nearly 25 years. Similarly, IMAX specialises in the purchasing, sales, and logistics of pre-owned medical diagnostic imaging equipment with deep experience in the French and broader European market.

Ultrasound repairs
Probo Medical is a leading global provider of medical imaging equipment repairs.

“Going to market with our UK and European operations under a singular Probo Medical brand stands to communicate the global reach and integrated offering we bring to the markets we serve,” said managing director, Trevor Howard.

“Our team is excited to share this significant step in our integration into the Probo Medical family with our colleagues in the market,” said managing director, Simon Roussel.

“Both MIUS and IMAX continue to be fantastic additions to our business, and we’re excited to take this significant step in bringing our brands together,” said ceo Michael Asmer.  “The rebrand is a name change only, and customers and vendors will continue to receive the same high-quality products and services from the same team with no interruption.”

Picture: The Probo Medical team.

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