MSK Doctors adds MRI for real-time assessment

MSK Doctors has acquired Esaote’s dedicated MRI S-scan system. The company has two clinics in Lincolnshire – The Keep in Grantham and The MSK House in Sleaford.

Professor Paul Lee said: “Esaote’s dedicated MRI scanner is vital for us as it is our eyes and we need to be able to clearly see patient pathology and degradation. We chose the S-scan as it is a dedicated MSK scanner, well suited to a dedicated MSK clinic. We were also very impressed as they are endorsed by FIMS, the International Federation of Sports Medicine.

“The scanner appealed to us due to the open bore for claustrophobic patients, the good standard of imaging and the cost-effective nature of the power requirements. Another big benefit are the dynamic true motion sequences that are available; these allow us to assess anatomy in real time, which is hugely beneficial to patient diagnosis.”

MRI system, with simple patient workflow that cost-effectively delivers image quality. It has an open design and real-time image display on the gantry that facilitate easy patient positioning.

The system also has DICOM worklist, network integration and requires no cryogens.

Picture: Esaote MRI business development manager John Manchester with MSK Doctors consultant orthopaedic surgeon Professor Paul Lee.

Published on page 8 of the January 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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