Nanosonics UK is proud to be gold level sponsors at Ultrasound 2021

Nanosonics UK is proud to be gold level sponsors at the BMUS 52nd (digital) Congress.

The decontamination of ultrasound probes is essential to help reduce the risk of contracting a healthcare-associated infection.

Every day, 80,000 patients are protected from the risk of cross contamination because the ultrasound probe has been high-level disinfected with trophon.

Invented and manufactured by Nanosonics, a leader in the development of innovative technology for infection control. Established in 2001 and head-quartered in Sydney Australia, the Nanosonics group has offices in the USA and across Europe.

Nanosonics recognises the importance of best practice development and open learning amongst the ultrasound and decontamination community. This is why the company has supported the creation of the Infection Prevention Toolkit.

The IP Toolkit is a free peer reviewed resource comprising of four editable downloads:

  1. Locate & Profile
  2. Algorithm
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Policy Development Framework

Each tool enables you to move a step closer to achieving a consistent, department or hospital wide policy for ultrasound decontamination.

To support the release of the IP Toolkit, Nanosonics is pleased to facilitate two thirty-minute speaker sessions at the BMUS 52nd Congress.

Probing questions: a decontamination journey | Linda Cooper, decontamination project lead (Northern Ireland) | December 8 @ 2.30pm

Unknown risk of ultrasound probes and how to mitigate | Helen Campbell, decontamination consultant (England) | December 9 @ 7.00pm

Since 2009, trophon has redefined the standard of care in ultrasound probe reprocessing providing reproducible, automated ultrasound probe high level disinfection (HLD) to help protect patients from the risk of cross contamination.

Find out more about the IP Toolkit here.

The trophon family includes trophon EPR and trophon2 which share the same core technology of ‘sonically activated’ hydrogen peroxide.

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