New Cross plans 4DCT now second Big Bore system is installed

New Cross Hospital, part of The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, has acquired a second Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT scanner to complement an existing scanner purchased in 2017. The equipment is installed in the radiotherapy department based at the Deanesly Centre, which has been extended to include an additional bunker and clinic facilities.

Pre-treatment superintendent Sarah Jhally said: “We wanted two scanners in the department that matched each other and allowed for easier commissioning by medical physics and clinical engineering.

“The training package was based around the Philips Bellows 4DCT system as our staff were already competent with the CT scanner; this enabled us to scan as soon as the commissioning was completed. The Brilliance Big Bore is designed for radiotherapy use, is very user-friendly and is integrated into the Bellows system. Patients have a reduction in dose compared to our previous scanner, due to the Philips iDose dose modulation facility. We now have a quicker scanning time and OMAR software to reduce metal artefacts.”

The scanner is designed as a CT simulator to meet the needs of radiation oncology, focusing on accuracy, patient positioning, imaging performance and intuitive workflow. It features 60cm true scan field of view for full anatomic visualisation and provides spatial positioning accuracy of less than 2mm between the imaging plane and the laser marking plane for confidence in patient marking.

Jhally added: “Over the next few months our plan is to develop and implement 4DCT techniques, including the use of the Bellows system and the installation of the Elekta Active Breathing Co-ordinator to further develop our deep inspiration breath-hold technique. The two scanners being identical aids training.”

The department is equipped with an Elekta Synergy, two Elekta Versa HDs and an Elekta Agility. These linacs are all supported by the Mosaiq Record and Verify system. The service also provides an Xstrahl orthovoltage unit and brachytherapy treatment on Flexitron HDR/PDR units.

The two wide-bore CT scanners are linked to Prosoma virtual simulation and Philips’ AQSim system, which will be introduced during this year.

Picture: Seated in front are pre-treatment team leaders Aisha Sajid and Joshua Bayley. Behind them are Philips UKI business marketing manager Hannah Timbrell, pre-treatment advanced practitioner Helen Corbishley, senior radiographer Wasim Ajaib, pre-treatment superintendent Sarah Jhally, head of radiography Stephen West, clinical scientist Doug Northover, Philips UKI account manager Pete Bains and marketing manager Jon Brigly.

Published on page 2 of the October 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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