Non-radioactive localisation technology can be placed at any time before breast surgery

As a provider of solutions for cancer diagnosis, localization, and treatment, Merit Medical invests in improving its technologies and innovating new platforms to meet clinicians’ needs.

Designed to improve patient outcomes, the Scout Radar Localization system represents the company’s latest advancement in breast-conserving surgery, said to use the only non-magnetic and non-radioactive localisation technology available.

Patients with highly suspicious breast lesions and axillary lymph nodes who are strongly predicted to require both needle biopsy and localisation to guide surgery may benefit from Scout placement at the time of biopsy. This serves a dual function as a biopsy site marker and wire-free localisation device intended for surgical removal.

Additionally, Scout can be placed at any time before surgery and has clinically insignificant MRI artefact. This is beneficial for breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy who need accurate MR imaging for early prediction of response and presurgical evaluation, according to the European Society of Breast Imaging.

Merit Medical says: “As the global leader in wire-free localisation, we are proud to have made a difference in the lives of over 400,000 patients worldwide. Merit Medical wants to thank the physicians who stand with us and support our mission in reducing the burden cancer places on patients and their loved ones. We recognise and honour the goal of a better patient experience.”


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